Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How To Install Android Lollipop 5.1.1 On Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9152

Samsung not solely popularized phablets among the high finish shoppers with its Galaxy Note series, however created giant phablets the furore within the mass market also with its Galaxy Mega line of devices. Launched in 2013, the Galaxy Mega five.8 and Mega six.3 brought the big screen expertise to the mid-range section, and astonishingly these large devices grew quite well-liked and were among the foremost productive models launched by Samsung within the mid-range section that year. Out of the 2 Mega phablets, it's the Galaxy Mega five.8 that clothed  to be additional well-liked, and this could be seen on the XDA developers forum also. The Galaxy Mega five.8 encompasses a higher range of custom ROMs offered on XDA, as well as some supported the newest mechanical man Lollipop version. Officially, the Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8 received no major mechanical man software system update. It launched with mechanical man four.2 jelly egg out of the box and remains stuck on a similar version. therefore if you want to undertake out the newest mechanical man five.1.1 Lollipop version on your Galaxy Mega five.8, you'll have to be compelled to install associate degree mechanical man five.1.1 Lollipop custom ROM thereon. these days we have a tendency to square measure planning to discuss the Unofficial CM twelve.1 custom ROM offered for the Galaxy Mega five.8.

The Unofficial CM twelve.1 custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8 has been ported by XDA member Kiborg_Man. The ROM is presently listed as ‘stable’, which implies you'll be able to use this ROM as a daily driver. Stability ought to be quite satisfactory, though some minor bugs and problems do exist. However, they're quite minor and shouldn’t have an effect on the user expertise noticeably. All of the key functions like the Wi-Fi property, Bluetooth, calls, SMS, mobile knowledge, GPS, sensors, camera, video playback, audio playback, et al. work simply fine. the newest build of CM twelve.1 for the Galaxy Mega five.8 includes variety of options like performance profiles, show color standardization, screen promise, cryptography on f2fs, and more. therefore overall this ROM is unquestionably one amongst the foremost engaging custom ROMs offered for the Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8 and you'll be able to expect nice performance from the ROM as user feedback is kind of positive up to now. Since the Mega five.8 won’t be receiving official mechanical man Lollipop from Samsung, this is often the sole possibility you have got to induce the newest version of mechanical man put in on your phablet.

So, square measure you able to get the mechanical man five.1.1 Lollipop custom ROM running on your Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8? If yes, merely follow the tutorial below and perform each single step specifically as written within the guide. All of the mentioned steps square measure vital, therefore skipping steps isn't counseled. However, we've to warn our readers that this Unofficial CM twelve.1 build is barely for the GT-I9152 dual-SIM model of the Galaxy Mega five.8. If you have got the single-SIM variant of the Galaxy Mega five.8, you ought to not flash this practice ROM on your device.

We will be walking you thru the whole installation method shortly, except for currently, you'll have to be compelled to bear all the conditions that require to be met before you'll be able to flash this practice ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8 GT-I9152. Would you be willing to lose all of your contacts, SMS, call logs, put in apps, and also the app data? after all you wouldn’t. That’s specifically what we have a tendency to are attempting to debate initial. Having a backup of all of your knowledge is one amongst the foremost vital needs for obtaining this ROM put in on your Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8. after you have a backup of your knowledge got wind of and prepared, you'll not have to be compelled to worry regarding your knowledge. Your knowledge may be rehabilitated later after you have with success finished putting in the Unofficial CM twelve.1 ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8. therefore let’s begin by telling you specifically however you'll be able to perform a backup of your knowledge. Usually, you'll be able to keep a copy your knowledge on the device itself, with the assistance of a backup and restore app downloaded from the Google Play Store. you'll be able to look for apps like metallic element Backup, element or MyBackup. however before you are doing that, we propose you gain root access on your Galaxy Mega five.8 as some backup and restore need root access also. once the app finishes putting in, you'll be able to open the app then choose no matter knowledge you would like to be protected. The app can then begin the rear up method and make a computer file in your device’s storage. the complete backup method might take up to some minutes to complete. Once done, you'll have to be compelled to take a Nandroid backup of your current ROM by following the guide announce at this link. A Nandroid backup is suggested in order that you'll be able to simply revert to your current ROM by restoring the Nandroid backup from recovery shortly. If you are feeling you won’t have to be compelled to come back to your current ROM and see yourself exploitation this mechanical man five.1.1 Lollipop custom ROM as a daily driver, you'll be able to skip this step.

In case you have got put in associate degree AOSP primarily based recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8 within the past, you need to have unbolted the bootloader of your phablet. however if you have got not, then you'll have to be compelled to eff before you begin putting in this practice ROM on your Mega five.8. this is often no stock primarily based ROM which will work on devices with each bolted and unbolted bootloaders. associate degree AOSP primarily based custom ROM may be put in on a tool given that its bootloader is unbolted. we have a tendency to believe you shouldn’t have something to stress regarding by unlocking the bootloader of your Mega five.8 because the phablet was initial launched within the year 2013, which implies most homeowners of the phablet won't have any pledge left. If to procure the device recently and do have pledge coverage remaining, then you'll find yourself losing the pledge the instant you unlock the Galaxy Mega five.8’s bootloader. therefore do have faith in it before you unlock the bootloader. after you finishing unlocking the bootloader, you'll have to be compelled to get a custom recovery put in therefore you'll be able to flash the custom ROM nothing file. This ROM needs the custom recovery on your device to possess SELinux support, therefore you'll have to be compelled to get the newest version of corrie, TWRP, CM, or PhilZ Recovery put in on your Galaxy Mega five.8. Root access is needed too, however we have a tendency to’re certain you need to have stock-still your device already as we told you higher than that root access is needed for a few backup and restore apps.

Now you'll have to be compelled to check if your Galaxy Mega five.8 has a minimum of hr battery charge left. this is often vital as you can't take the chance of flashing the custom ROM with little or no battery charge left on your smartphone. If the charge runs out totally right before the ROM may be with success flashed, your Galaxy Mega five.8 can little question find yourself obtaining bricked. To avoid such a state of affairs, we have a tendency to extremely suggest that you just initial charge your Galaxy Mega five.8 and solely then still the installation method below.

Your Samsung Galaxy Mega five.8 is currently the majority set for the installation. however before that, we propose you modify the USB Debugging possibility underneath Developer choices. Most of you will have checked this selection already, however if a number of you haven’t done it nonetheless, please eff currently.

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